Be Water (Full Analysis - Web Seminar)

from Rettward von Doernberg


Various versions of this piece, an early draft and an audio commentary:

The original project folder of this piece:


Get access to this exclusive web seminar about everything you would ever wanted to know about my track "Be Water (Long Version)". No matter whether you happen to be a seasoned pro or you're just starting out – everything is explained in minute detail and is easy to understand.

I'll introduce you to the basic thoughts about making this piece of music. Then I continued to explain why basic patterns can be so useful, and how a complex piece of music can emerge by stacking them. After that we'll take a look at the structure of the piece, all accompanied with videos.

We'll dive in deep with every element that makes the arrangement work. Of course with heaps of sounds examples. And finally we'll take a close look at the rhythm and harmony of the music. Fear not: musical notation is there for the pros, for the rest of us there are plenty of self-explanatory videos.

After having completed this web seminar you should be able to craft your own musical masterpiece. When in doubt you can come back at any time with a fresh mindset and learn some more.

Includes sheet music and standard MIDI files. This web seminar is also available in German.

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Rettward von Doernberg Berlin, Germany

Just like the great explorers in times past, I'm on a very personal, musical voyage of discovery.

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